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Molson Monday League 2024


League Standings - July-22, 2024

Although many teams play 18 holes, the league counts for 9 holes only (except holidays, 18 hole scramble) and we will have a few more back 9 starts this year.

Full Swing will be operating out of the kitchen this year and will provide a meal AFTER your round has been completed. Please be advised, the last plated service meal will be 8:30 pm so that will give the last team that is playing 9 holes only ample time to eat. If your team decides to play on, your meal will be available at the bar.

Depending on your tee time, it will determine whether you will get 18 holes in before dark or not. The reason we mention this is if you pay for 9 holes and decide to continue on, you must report to the pro shop prior to playing your second 9 holes. Either way, if you have a riding cart it must be in by dusk, not dark. We are very serious about this, if there is even one incident of ignoring this rule, your team will lose cart privileges for the remainder of the season.

Tee times will commence at 2 pm with the last time available being 5:30 pm.

The League is full for this season.

$100 per team


  • Non-Members - $50 includes 18 holes walking, medium basket of range balls, meal provided by Full Swing, speciality hole prizes and weekly 50/50 draw. $45 for 9 holes
  • Members of AGC- $20


  • $30 for 18 holes ($15 per rider)
  • $20 for 9 holes ($10 per rider)
  • Note-single rider fee - $25 for 18 holes, $15 for 9 holes


This is a quick overview of how we will be scoring the Monday Molson League. Each team will play in a best-ball format, the player with the lowest score on each hole will be recorded. Scorecards must be dropped off at the pro shop after nine holes. This is a nine-hole event. All scorecards must be completed with a total and team name.

The handicap will be calculated by the convenor. Each team will have a handicap according to the standings from the previous week. The team highest in the standings will hold a one-handicap. The second-highest team will have a two-handicap, and so on. All teams in tenth place or higher will have a ten handicap.

The lowest net score will win the week with ten points. Second place will win nine points, third place 8 points, fourth place 7 points and fifth place will win 6 points. The remainder of the teams will win five points.

All speciality hole winners will receive 3 points for their team.

Each holiday Monday will be an 18-hole scramble and points will be awarded the same as a regular week without any handicap being calculated.

Have a great season everyone and enjoy Kingston’s Premiere Men’s League.

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